Alastair James Murden

"...he has an impeccable sense of timing and possesses the kind of theatrical vision that is more gift than technique: the ability not only to remain unflustered by the chaos, intentional or otherwise, surrounding him, but also to draw on it to help fuel his performance." - ocweekly

Demo Reel

Fallout: The Wanderer Persephone - Pictures at the End of the World Bad Seeds The Captain How the Grinch Stole the Studio Tour BAMF Girls Club ep.13 - The Doctor

Commercial Reel

Credits: Newcastle Cabbie, Motormouth, Garnier, Jonny IV, Carling.

Alastair portrays the Grinch in this viral video for Universal Studios. Currently at 8M views!

Alastair performs every voice in "This is Halloween".

Alastair performs with Improv Shmimprov.

CARLING beer commercial featuring Alastair James Murden

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