Alastair James Murden

"...he has an impeccable sense of timing and possesses the kind of theatrical vision that is more gift than technique: the ability not only to remain unflustered by the chaos, intentional or otherwise, surrounding him, but also to draw on it to help fuel his performance." - OCWeekly

Alastair is a professional actor, comedian and singer/musician based in Southern California. He trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and has worked extensively on screen, stage, and in voice over.

Originally from England, where he earned his Master's degree in Acting and Musical Theatre, Alastair now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Naomi Murden. He has been a member of the Improv troupe "Improv Shmimprov" since 2009, performing all across the globe, and has trained with the world famous; Upright Citizens Brigade. He also hosted the popular YouTube Channel "The Super Amazing Project". 

Between his sophisticated air and polished British accent, Alastair James Murden strongly resembles actor Hugh Laurie. [...] his Kimar is more solid than Kimars from past Maverick productions of the show, yet he gleans plenty of laughs, too, as from Kimar’s dorky, Jim Carrey-like laugh.

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